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The following links are suggested readings prior to attending the pubic hearings on Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta. If you are making a submission, we recommend that you refer to the following links to previously proposed legislation or background materials on Gay-Straight Alliances in schools and laws in Canada and Alberta.

Please return to this page for additional submissions and more details about the Calgary (January 27, 2015) and Edmonton (January 29, 2015) public hearings on GSAs. For a summary of the public consultations, please click here.

Proposed Legislation
1) Bill 10
2) Bill 10 amendment
3) Bill 202

Public School Boards' Commentary
4) Alberta School Board Association

Separate School Boards' Commentary
5) Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association
6) Patrica Grell, Trustee, ECSB Blog
7) Archbishop of Edmonton, Richard Smith
8) Bishop of Calgary, Fred Henry
Bishop of St, Paul, Paul Terrio

Private School Commentary
10) Alberta Home Education Association

Other Resources and Commentary
Alberta Teachers Association Guide for GSAs
12) ATA Article on Gay-Straight Alliances
13) Alberta Education Guide on GSAs

Existing Acts and Legislation
14) Alberta Human Rights Act
15) Alberta Education Act
16) Alberta School Act
17) Alberta Bill of Rights
18) Canadian Constitution
19) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
20) Alberta Act
21) Ontario Accepting Schools Act

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