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The RMCLA Public Consultations on Gay-Straight Alliances

The RMCLA held a public consultation process from December, 2014 to February, 2015 on legislation regarding gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in schools in Alberta. Public hearings were held in Calgary and Edmonton. Over 3,000 Albertans became involved in the process and hundreds of submissions and commentary were recieved from the public. This report is based on the findings of this process.

Final Report - Download the Final Report - Click Here

The final report was written by the Standing Policy Committee on Human Rights of RMCLA and based on the recommendation of the panelists, legal and other research on the subject, presenters, plus those who submitted to the hearing process. A poll was also taken on public opinion for help in clarifying where Albertans stood on various issues.

This final report is to presented and discussed at its Annual General Meeting on March 3rd, 2015, 7pm.

Please click here to view the written submissions.

Hearing Oversight

The hearings were chaired by the Standing Policy Committee on Human Rights of RMCLA Chairperson. The committee consists Kelly Ernst, Adrianna Tulissi, Hal Joffe, & Kelly Moffat-Burina.

Thanks to our Partners

The following organizations are partnering to host this public consultation
•    Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association
•    The MacEwan Sexual Health Club
•    Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
•    The University of Calgary Civil Liberties Association

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