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The Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association is built on members dedicated to protecting and promoting civil liberties. All membership fees and donations are used to support the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association in raising awareness about provincial and national human rights and civil liberties issues.

Members will receive regular updates on the work of the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association and invitations to our events.

To become a member, please

1) pay your membership fee,

2) complete an application form found at: Membership Application Form

3) Email a completed application form to:

Become an RMCLA Member

Simply pay or renew your membership by clicking “Buy Now” below. A membership requires a donation, we suggest $20.



Please consider a donation beyond membership by using Pay Pal and a credit card


Donate through Pay Pal by clicking the “Donate” button below. The first $20 of your donation will go toward your membership.

By submitting an application and agreeing to become a member, you agree to uphold RMCLA’s mission, bylaws and code of conduct.

Your request for membership must be approved by the board of directors and your donation must be received before your membership is in effect. Your request or interest in membership may be answered with a request for further information or additional instructions about how to become a member.

Memberships are renewed annually. The RMCLA does not qualify as a charitable organization and cannot issue tax receipts for any donations.

c/o Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
Murray Fraser Hall, University of Calgary
2500 University Drive
Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A1

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