Our Focus

RMCLA is a Voice for Civil Liberties Issues in Alberta

2020 was a vital reminder of how fragile Albertans’ civil liberties really are — and that RMCLA’s work is more important than ever before in living memory.

We need your help to be able to do our work. We encourage you to support RMCLA by becoming a member or investing in civil liberties by making a donation so that we can continue to do our important work on behalf of all Albertans.

RMCLA pursues civil liberties issues with a clear public interest and such as:

  • Protection of freedom of expression and issues of human rights (i.e. through changes to the Alberta Human Rights Act);
  • Advancement of issues related to access to information and rights to privacy; and
  • Advancement of issues related to access to justice.

While many things can limit civil liberties, RMCLA focuses on:

  1. State conduct, particularly (but not limited to) an affirmative action or omission by a state actor (e.g. police) or state institution (e.g. Legislative Assembly);
  2. Interference with a right or freedom guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or a fundamental Constitutional norm (e.g. the rule of law); and
  3. A causal relationship between state conduct and the interference with the right or freedom in question.

RMCLA advocates on behalf of all Albertans.

RMCLA does not represent or provide advice to individuals.

For legal help or for advice about your specific issue, please contact your lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, contact Legal Aid Alberta for assistance.

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