Call for Public Inquiry of Alberta Health Services Regarding Intimidation and Silencing of Health Care Professionals

As an organization concerned with protecting and promoting the fundamental human rights and civil liberties of all Albertans, the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association (RMCLA) joins the Alberta Medical Association and all four Alberta opposition parties in calling for a judicial inquiry into allegations of a culture of fear and intimidation in the provincial health care system.

All Albertans have a constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression, and doctors and other health practitioners have a professional duty to advocate on behalf of their patients.  Thus, allegations that health care professionals have been dissuaded through threats and intimidation from advocating on behalf of their patients and a better health care system for all Albertans are extremely troubling.

We applaud the government’s decision to authorize the Health Quality Council of Alberta to investigate concerns about quality of care and wait times for cancer and emergency room treatment.  However, the HQCA review is not the appropriate forum for the investigation of the allegation that doctors and other health professionals have faced intimidation and threats from their superiors for having spoken out about problems in the health care system.

A full public inquiry is required.

Read our letter to the Alberta Health Services Minister.

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One Response to Call for Public Inquiry of Alberta Health Services Regarding Intimidation and Silencing of Health Care Professionals

  1. Thanks for bring this issue forth and challenging the specific issues of freedom of expression for health care professionals. My own research and educational practice is about building a critical literacy about the “culture of fear” dynamic itself, as it is the underpinning for all the various violations of fearmongers, of every stripe, and across the domains of societies today (especially in a post-9/11 world).

    I have been living in the USA for the past 4 years studying the culture of fear and also studied the phenomenon during my dissertation at UBC. I am a born-raised Calgarian/Albertan and I am planning to return soon with my partner. My passion is to establish a coalition-based Institute for the Prevention of the Culture of Fear. I look forward to the struggle in Alberta and Canada as indeed the culture of fear seems to be taking over. So, feel free to contact me through my website

    You find lots of free pdf downloads of my work there. Let’s keep the dialogue going, and feel free to email me:

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