Election Survey Results: What Candidates Say about Civil Liberties Issues

As a voice for civil liberties in Alberta, the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association (RMCLA) asked more than 250 candidates in the upcoming 2019 general election for their views about five important issues that are essential for democratic engagement and genuinely accountable government:

  • Children’s privacy rights
  • Police ‘carding’ and information sharing
  • Government transparency and a ‘duty to document’
  • Access to medical services
  • Censorship by public bodies

Emails were sent to the candidates within 24 hours of the election being announced. A reminder was sent a week later, clarifying that we wanted candidates’ own views, not just the party platform.


257 — The number of candidates who received personalized email with the survey questions

70 — The percentage of candidates who opened the email request

20 — The number of candidates who acknowledged receiving the survey

18 — The number of candidates who offered substantive answers

5 — The number of candidates who reiterated or suggested reading the party platform

3 — The number of candidates (including one who has since dropped out of the race) who ‘unsubscribed’ from receiving further communications

Candidates’ responses can be seen in this downloadable document: 2019 AB ELECTION CANDIDATE SURVEY-RESPONSES

Was the low response rate because candidates think the issues aren’t important? Because they’re just busy with other, more important things? Because the candidates don’t really understand the importance of the issue?

Alberta voters must decide for themselves.

Read the survey questions and backgrounders here

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