Civic Election Candidate Responses to RMCLA Questions

The Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association asked candidates in the Calgary  2017 civic election five simple questions about privacy, transparency, and access to information issues. Their responses can be seen this downloadable document: Civic Election Survey Responses.

Only a few candidate took the time to respond to the questions. The questions are below.

QUESTION 1: What changes will you make to reveal details about the extent the City’s closed-circuit camera surveillance system, and the location of the surveillance, traffic, and other cameras monitoring  the streets, buildings, properties, and people in Calgary?

QUESTION 2: What is your position on surveillance and monitoring of Calgarians who park in residential parking areas?

QUESTION 3: What is your position on sharing information about individuals whose images and conduct is captured on City monitoring systems, in particular with the Calgary Police Service?

QUESTION 4: What is your position on holding Council meetings in camera?

QUESTION 5: What steps will you take to ensure that access to information (as required by Alberta’s Freedom of Information legislation) is easier, faster, more transparent, and proactive?

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