Are human rights eroding world-wide?

Three developments in extreme intolerance in 3 different areas of the world suggest that extremist intolerant views might be rising world-wide. Some of this rising intolerance is spilling into Canada. The issue locally is the prospect of such intolerant attitudes and actions not just coming to Canada and Alberta, but growing.

History may tell us that extremist views about minority groups start in localized areas and grow as they are not confronted. Vigilance protecting everyone’s rights is essential in countering the spread of intolerance.

The first example is in Hungary where the 3rd largest political party, Jobbik, is calling for a “Jewish List,” arguing that Jewish people were a security risk. The call for a list is one example of the rise in anti-Semitism in Hungary.

Quoted in the national post is the following, “Officially, Jobbik politicians have thus far vehemently refuted any ideological proximity to neo-Nazism. But the denials have been half-hearted. On its Internet television channel N1, for example, the party once praised Adolf Hitler as one of the “greatest statesmen in the 20th century.” In the spring, a Jobbik representative marked in parliament the anniversary of the alleged Jewish ritual murder of a 14-year-old Christian girl in the village of Tiszaeszlár, involving accusations against Jews in the settlement of murder, which set off weeks of pogroms in 1882-1883. In the summer, the viciously extremist and anti-Semitic European Parliamentarian Csanád Szegedi was expelled from Jobbik when it was discovered that he had Jewish ancestors.”

The second issue concerns women in Saudi Arabia who are under surveillance by authorities and their male guardians, who have authority over them. Men will receive text messages when ‘their’ women leave the country. All Saudi women must have male guardians. Women are not allowed to drive or travel alone, and require the consent of their guardians to do so. Saudi women can only travel outside the country if their guardian signs a “yellow sheet” giving consent. Now the guardian will receive a text message when the women leave the country.

The third issue relates to the rise of the Golden Dawn Party in Greece which has been highly intimidating to immigrants, including having some of its members engaged in violent actions against immigrants.

Recently, a video surfaced showing a spokesperson of the extremist right-wing party threatening the lives of anti-fascist protesters at an event in Crete. The police in Greece are investigating the incident.

In Canada, the Golden Dawn has membership and is active in at least Montreal. Most recently, the members of the Montreal Golden Dawn defended their actions to hold a Christmas food drive that will distribute food only to Christian Greeks. The Montreal chapter defends their actions to support only “real” Greeks.

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