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Protests and civil liberties: Experiences in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver

The RMCLA event comparing policing at the Calgary G8, the Vancouver Olympics, and the Toronto G20 is now publicly available for viewing. See:

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Are Property Rights Being Eroded?

RMCLA is asking the question “Are Property Rights being Eroded in Alberta? Legislation has been created to facilitate transmission lines and may simultaneously take away Albertans’ property rights. We encourage you to read the following websites, article links and the … Continue reading

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Access to Justice: Human Rights and Legal Aid, by Linda McKay-Panos

Legal Aid is defined as a system which provides individuals with access to the legal system (and more specifically to legal representation) who otherwise might not have had the means to do so (Department of Justice Canada. Legal Aid, online: … Continue reading

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Access to justice becoming a privilege of the rich, judge warns

From Friday’s Globe and Mail,  Published Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011The middle class has been shut out of a justice system that caters primarily to the very rich and the very poor, the country’s top judge has told a group of … Continue reading

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