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Public-funding of religious healthcare violates Charter rights and freedoms: The time for change is now

When the provincial government funds healthcare facilities operated by religious organizations which deny Albertans access to medical procedures prohibited by that religion, for example, abortion, emergency contraception (such as the morning-after pill) and medically-assisted dying, it violates rights and freedoms … Continue reading

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Canada’s Right-to-Die Legislation

“We respect your religious views, but they cannot, in a secular society, trump our clients’ constitutional rights.” Joe Arvay, lawyer, responding to religious testimony in the Supreme Court of Canada’s hearing on assisted death On February 6, 2015 the Supreme … Continue reading

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Parental Rights are only to Act in the Best Interests of Children

Alberta’s Bill 24 has passed that ensures youth attending Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) are not outed to parents for mere attendance in the student clubs. Although the legislation has passed, the debate in the public square continues regarding if parents should … Continue reading

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The Convenience of Covenants: Getting Around Your Rights and Liberties

RMCLA is often asked, “What are the differences between human rights and civil liberties, and how far can my liberties be restricted?” One way to think of fundamental human rights are that these are the rights protected by law and … Continue reading

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Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech – RMCLA’s Position

This article is a reposting of an RMCLA position paper. On October 17th 2017 an event at the University of Calgary discusses free expression and hate speech. This article summarizes RMCLA’s position on the issue. RMCLA Position Paper In 2013, … Continue reading

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Civic Election Candidate Responses to RMCLA Questions

The Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association asked candidates in the Calgary  2017 civic election five simple questions about privacy, transparency, and access to information issues. Their responses can be seen this downloadable document: Civic Election Survey Responses. Only a few … Continue reading

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Wake up and Smell the Civil Liberties!

July 5, 2017, Calgary, AB – Let me begin by stating in no uncertain terms that I do not condone the killing of anyone, for any reason. Nor do I condone the conscription of children into their parent’s wars. I … Continue reading

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RMCLA Applies for Intervenor Status in Supreme Court Case

Free expression in Alberta has been dealt a huge blow by the Alberta Court of Appeal, and RMCLA is applying for intervenor status as this case proceeds to the Supreme Court of Canada. We are doing this to protect your … Continue reading

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Carding: More and more records keep getting added to the pile

Here is an article from Halifax, noting that the problem of carding or street checks and collecting information around the practice is a problem across the country. By: Kaila Jefferd-Moor, The Coast Halifax police are still waiting for an independent … Continue reading

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2017 National Data and Privacy Congress

RMCLA is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring the 2017 National Privacy and Data Governance Congress. We encourage you to register for this congress. See: WHEN: April 5, 6, & 7, 2017 WHERE: Carriage House Inn in Calgary, … Continue reading

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